The best virtual tours ever

We go the extra mile and have 3D Virtual Tours done. These are not like the ones you’ve seen before, these are very easy to use and really give the experience of being there. Take a look at this one we just did for our listing at 9010 Baywood Park Drive in Seminole:

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Here’s how it’s done

It starts with a special camera made by Matterport. The camera has multiple lenses and infrared sensors that measure distances in all directions from the camera. The camera turns around scanning the room and making three dimensional measurements at the same time. The home above took over 50 scans in all. Once all the scans are done, special software is used to map the 3D space and assemble the images. The photographer then makes any corrections and refinements necessary and it’s saved to a special web server with software to serve the images to the web. The entire process takes several hours and we think it’s well worth the investment.
It’s amazing technology and we’ve seen homes sold sight-unseen because of it!

matterport camera

A Matterport camera