Vosburgh Sells Home with a DC-7 Attached

Author: WTSP Staff

ST. PETERSBURG — Chuck Vosburgh knows all about planes. As the son of a pilot, he was given a front row seat to the world of aviation as a boy.

It didn’t hurt that he lived in a house with a plane attached to it, either.

“They brought me home from the hospital to this house,” he said, standing in his parents’ living room. “This is home.”

At just about 2,000 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house represents a lot of things to Vosburgh. And as a realtor, he had the responsibility of selling his parents’ home and showing off its unique feature.

More than three decades after helping his dad put the distinctive side room into their home, Chuck got to show it off to potential buyers.

“We had an open house and this place was packed,” said Pat. “Everybody wanted to see it.”

It took all of two days to get an offer on the house, which Chuck accepted.

The house, cockpit and all, leaves an impression of everyone who visits.

“He slid open the door and I went, ‘Oh my goodness, this is really something’,” said Chucks’ wife, Pat. “There is a DC-7 here!”

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